IDK…His Name Is Evian Christ.

23 Oct

What can I say…I AM SUCH A SUCKER I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE IT. ‘Hey! I’m gonna name myself Evian Christ! That will TOTALLY make people interested in me!” UGHHHHH. THAT IS ME. YES.

Well, apparently he toured with Purity Ring this summer. (They come up ALL the time on this blog, whoopsiesss.) He is British.
I just saw this on The Fader, and simply Youtube’d him.This song came up.
“F@#! It None Of Y’all Don’t Rap.” What does that mean?! SIGN ME UP. And so I listened.

I don’t know…the music is mehhh. He doesn’t rap himself, but mixes electro samples and beats with raps. It’s pretty mellow. Deece. But the name is GOLDEN. At least he has that going for him…and if he BLOWS UP one day, you can say that you read a blog post once about him and his name. Talk about it at the next party you go to!!! EVIAN. CHRIST.




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